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Winter storms can bring heavy, wet snow. In addition to power outages and the inconvenience storms cause, they can also wreak havoc for homeowners. That weighty blanket of snow that sits on your roof and in your gutters can be a huge disaster just waiting to happen.

Ice buildup in the gutters can prevent melted snow from freely flowing to your downspout and away from your home. As a result, the water can run over your gutters causing icicles to form.

You could also experience something called ice damming. This is when the built up snow on your roof starts to melt, while the outside temperature is below freezing. How does that happen? Well, as you heat your home, the warmth moves up to the roof and starts melting the snow from beneath rather than on top as the sun does in the warmer weather. That melted snow runs down into the gutters. But, the gutters, which extend from your home, remain colder than your roof. So, the water refreezes in the gutters and creates a dam effect, preventing the water from draining away. Where does it go? It can pool there, as well as make its way under the shingles and into your home through the roof, facia and soffits. Keeping gutters clear from leaves, twigs and other debris plays an important part in preventing this damming.

Gutters themselves can also be damaged from the weighty snow that sits in and on them after a heavy snow storm. The gutters can pull away from the home and the downspouts, causing your gutter system to fail. If your gutters have experienced this type of damage from a recent snow storm, we can help. Our experienced gutter professionals can assess the damage and make the necessary repairs to prevent further damage from occurring to your home.

Our Gutter Repair Services Include:

  • On-site assessment of the storm damage
  • Re-securing loosened gutters
  • Replacing damaged gutters, elbows and downspouts

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