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Why Choose Superior Seamless Gutters?

  • We specialize in all things related to gutters, leaders, maintenance and roof shampoo™.
  • All our work is performed by experienced, well trained professionals.
  • We are fully licensed and insured with workman’s compensation.
  • We’re affordable and reasonably priced.
  • We do the job we’re contracted for – on time and on budget
Gutter Cleaning and Maintenance
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get an estimate?2018-02-20T16:50:43-05:00

You can visit our Get A Quote page and fill out some information about your home, or schedule a home visit.

How often should I clean my gutters?2018-02-20T16:56:34-05:00

We recommend that you clean your gutters two to four times per year, preferably:

  • Late March before the typical rainy season
  • After the spring tree debris stops falling in June
  • Late October once the leaves start falling
  • Late November or December when about 85% of the leaves are off your trees
Do I need to clean my gutters?2018-02-20T16:50:53-05:00

Over time sticks, leaves, twigs, and bugs can accumulate in your gutters and cause water to pool up rather than run down to the leaders as designed. This causes the gutter to go off pitch, resulting in improper drainage and potentially extensive damage to your home – from wood rot to water entering the inside. You can prevent such issues by simply cleaning out your gutters regularly.

How do gutter guards work?2018-02-20T16:50:57-05:00

Gutter guards or covers keep gutters free of debris, eliminating the need for regular gutter cleaning. The cover guards the gutter preventing leaves and debris from entering, while special designs, depending upon the manufacturer, allow water to fall into the gutters.

Do your gutters come in different colors?2018-02-20T16:51:02-05:00

Yes, we offer gutters and downspouts in a variety of colors to complement the style and tones of your home or office.

How do I know if I need to replace my gutters?2018-02-20T16:51:07-05:00

Mold and/or peeling paint are usually signs that you need to replace your gutters. If your gutters have the old style spike/nails, that is a sure sign that your gutters are a minimum of 25 to 30 years old and should be replaced.

What size gutters and downspouts do you recommend?2018-02-20T16:51:12-05:00

For an average size home, 5” gutters and 2”x3” downspouts are usually appropriate. For larger homes, or commercial applications, we recommend 6” gutters with 3”x4” downspouts, which offer twice the water capacity of the 5” gutter per foot.

Can I have one continuous gutter on my home?2018-02-20T16:51:18-05:00

Yes, we custom measure so that you have one continuous gutter that spans the length of your home.

What are the advantages of seamless gutters?2018-02-20T16:51:23-05:00

Because there are no seams, the possibility of leaks is greatly reduced. Aesthetically, seamless gutters also provide a clean line across the span of the home

What are seamless gutters?2018-02-20T16:51:28-05:00

Seamless gutters are just that – seamless. There are no breaks in the gutters that run alongside the home. The only seams are at the corners. Conventional gutter systems have many sections that are connected together, which over time can result in leaks at the spot of connection.

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