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Roof Shampoo®

Roof Shampoo® is the safest, most effective method to remove dark streaks and stains from your roof. Don’t spend thousands replacing dirty shingles when all you need is a professional roof cleaning! Our trained technicians use state-of-the art equipment and the safest, most effective roof cleaning techniques and agents available anywhere – the Roof Shampoo® system. And we’ll keep those stains away for years with our annual preventative treatments.

Roof Shampoo
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Frequently Asked Questions

What causes those ugly roof stains?2018-02-21T15:00:32-05:00

Most roof stains are caused by the growth of algae, lichen colonies or moss that feed on organic matter frequently found on roof surfaces. The portions of a roof that receive the least amount of sunlight are more likely to have roof stains. This explains why some homes may have roof stains only on one side of the roof, typically the northern and/or western exposure or in heavily shaded areas.

What products do you use to remove stains?2018-02-21T15:00:36-05:00

Our products are proprietary and only available to authorized Roof Shampoo® dealers. They are biodegradable and enviro-friendly.

Will the process harm my plantings around the home?2018-02-21T15:00:40-05:00

No. Our products will not harm any vegetation or surfaces around your home.

Do you use high pressure powerwashing on the roof?2018-02-21T15:00:46-05:00

NEVER! High pressure powerwashing can be very damaging to the shingles. Plus, it’s not effective.

How long does Roof Shampoo® system typically last?2018-02-21T15:00:49-05:00

It’s impossible to tell how long it will take for a new roof to get algae stains, the same holds true for a roof cleaned using the Roof Shampoo® system. We give our customers a written warranty against any roof staining for a period of one year. We also offer an annual roof maintenance program.

Can you keep the stains off my roof for the life of the shingles?2018-02-21T15:00:54-05:00

Yes. Once we do a Roof Shampoo® we can return once a year to apply a special spray on/leave on Roof Shampoo® stain prevention treatment. Every consecutive year that you participate in the program extends your warranty for an additional year.

Can I just use bleach on my shingles?2018-02-21T15:01:01-05:00

Yes, but the results can be disastrous. Bleach can damage vegetation and dry out your shingles. Any results that the homeowner sees are temporary and the staining is back within a few short months.

What if i just leave algae stains on the roof?2018-02-21T15:01:06-05:00

Algae is a living, growing organism which left untreated, can cover your entire roof. A roof covered in algae absorbs heat and results in a superheated attic, raising cooling costs. Since algae feeds off the organic material in your shingles, left untreated, your roof will require costly, premature replacement.

What does Roof Shampoo® cost?2018-03-06T10:10:25-05:00

Fill out our quote form, and we’ll give you an estimate. Our pricing is based on the size and structure of your roof.

Can you also powerwash my siding and deck?2018-02-21T15:01:15-05:00

Yes, we’re pleased to offer those services too. Superior Seamless Gutters is here for you!

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