It isn’t just leaking gutters or gutters jam packed with leaves and other debris that can cause substantial damage to your foundational landscaping. Gutters that are too narrow can be just as detrimental as they can overload during heavy rainfall.

When a gutter is not large enough to handle the water runoff from the roof, you will notice overflow. While some overflow could be caused by clogs, if your gutters are free of debris and you still notice overflowing water when it rains, chances are your gutters are too narrow for your home.

The common 5-inch gutters can handle most levels of rainfall for most homes. If, however, you have an expansive or steep roof, you will need larger gutters to effectively collect the water and direct it away from your home and landscaping. When deciding the appropriate size gutters for your home, you need to consider the following:

  • The amount of rainfall in the region
  • The size of the roof
  • The pitch of the roof

An experienced gutter professional will come to your home and evaluate your gutter needs, measuring the drainage area square-footage and the pitch of the roof to make sure that the right sized gutters are installed. And, if you install seamless gutters, you are taking extra-preventive measure for your landscaping. Seamless gutters are cut in long runs, alleviating the need for connections, which can eventually deteriorate and leak.

Recent Upgrade Gutter Size Project in Rockland County, NY

installing new gutters on a home in pearl river ny

Homeowners in Pearl River, New York with beautiful, mature landscaping recently contacted us because of the gutter issues they were experiencing. This home has an expansive roofline that includes several sharp peaks. Once we arrived at the residence and did our assessment, we realized that the existing 5-inch gutters were simply too narrow to handle the water flow. So, we installed larger 6-inch gutters in a color that blends in with the home’s trim. Now, they have an effective gutter system that protects and doesn’t detract from the landscape design.

If you live in the Bergen County, NJ or Rockland County, NY area and are in need of gutter replacement, repair or cleaning, contact us for a free quote!