A Lot of Damage Can Occur!

Gutters are meant to whisk water away from a building, down a leader, to a drainage area. If gutters are not regularly cleaned, the build-up of debris – like leaves, twigs, seeds and dirt – can impede water flow. Water can pool and clogs can develop. Water will then overflow from the gutters hitting the building’s exterior siding, roofing and foundation. The standing and overflowing water can have serious consequences and costly damage.

Roof Damage and Roof Leaks

The overflow and water retention caused by clogged gutters can create roofing issues. The moisture can penetrate under the shingles and into the roofing system and facia. This can lead to rot, which in turn can cause leaks in the roof. In addition, clogged gutters during the winter months can lead to ice build-up, also called ice-damming. This prevents melted snow and ice from properly draining off the roof. The water needs to go somewhere, so it finds its way into the home through the walls or in the attic.

Wood Rot

Clogged gutters traps water. That water causes moisture which can cause rotting of wood in the facia and soffits. This can cause gutters to sag and pull away from the home – leaving a path of damage. The damage doesn’t stop there. The moisture and rot can spread to the siding and into the attic. This wood rot is a prime attraction for bugs and a way to allow rodents to enter your home.


As said above, the rot attracts bugs. Well, so does the debris itself. Insects like the moist environment created by the debris build-up. This draws the bugs to the home – particularly damaging bugs like termites and carpenter ants.

Foundation and Basement Issues

The overflow caused by clogged gutters results in water hitting, and pooling near, the foundation. This can cause the foundation to crack and the large amounts of water can seep into the basement walls through the foundation. Water that finds its way into the home through the basement can cause not only flooding, but also musty smells and mold.

Landscape Damage

The water that overflows from gutters filled with debris can also hurt your landscaping. Too much water can kill plants and grass. That can then lead to erosion, which can cause more damage to your foundation.

The Takeaway: Clean your gutters regularly so you can prevent a host of issues that can cause substantial and costly damage to your home and landscaping.

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