The simple answer – yes, gutter guards need to be cleaned.

Gutter guards, also referred to as gutter covers, are a great way to reduce the amount of leaves and debris that collect in your gutters and create clogs. These guards do not stop things from entering your gutters. They simply help prevent larger items like leaves and sticks – as well as animals – from making their way into the gutter. There is no such thing as a completely maintenance free gutter system. Even with guards and covers, some smaller debris can still accumulate in your gutters, so regular gutter cleaning is recommended. Homeowners often ask if the guards themselves need to be cleaned. Our reply is yes – and they also need to be regularly maintained.

Cleaning the gutter guards themselves should be part of your routine seasonal gutter cleaning.

While the guards block most debris from entering the gutters, that debris can accumulate on top of the guards. Over time, this accumulation creates a moist environment, which if left alone can cause its own damage. That moisture can penetrate into the shingles, facia, siding and roofing resulting in the need for expensive repairs.

When it comes to cleaning the gutter guards, we recommend leaving this up to a professional gutter cleaner. To work properly, the guards are installed securely to the gutters. Cleaning them, and the gutters, requires that the guards be removed and then reinstalled. This is a job best left to the pros. You don’t want to damage the gutters or the guards.

The Takeaway: Gutter guards are not debris-proof. While they may help prevent debris building in the gutters, some leaves, dirt and other objects like seeds, can still make their way into the gutters. This blocked debris can build up on top of the guards creating more problems. So, it is important to regularly clean your gutters and the gutter guards to prevent damage to your home.

If you live in the Bergen County NJ or Rockland County NY area and are looking to have your gutters and gutter guards cleaned, give us a call. We do the job right at a great price.