Life as we know it may have come to a halt, but that doesn’t stop emergencies from popping up. One heavy rainstorm can prove too much for your gutters to handle. Because we realize that disastrous leaks can spring up at any time – even during a pandemic – we are staying open to assist homeowners and businesses during this challenging time. You don’t have to stress that you won’t be able to get anyone to fix your gutter issues – and you don’t have to worry about social distancing. We have put social safe policies in place to protect both our customers and our employees.


For all of our services (Estimates, Gutter Repair, Gutter Installation, Gutter Cleaning, Power Washing and Roof Cleaning) YOU NEVER NEED TO HAVE PHYSICAL CONTACT WITH OUR TEAM MEMBERS.

Protecting our customers and staff is our top priority. Here are the special COVID-19 policies we have put into place:

  1. All face-to-face contact with customers is suspended. If we come to evaluate your gutter issue or provide a service estimate, there will be no human contact. We will not be knocking on your door to engage with customers either before or after our services are complete. We will call you upon arrival. If you wish to speak with a team member, you can do so via phone or from a minimum 6-foot distance OUTSIDE of your home or business.
  2. All estimates and invoices will be emailed – nothing is exchanged in person. You can pay by credit card, Venmo, or check by mail. We are not accepting payments on the job sites.
  3. We have 2-3 workers per job at most and they practice social distancing between themselves and they absolutely do not come in contact with customers on the job site under any circumstance.
  4. At no time are we allowing any workers who are showing any signs of illness to work.

If you have any questions, just give us a call at 845-634-1927 or 201-444-7057