When installing new gutters, you have a wide variety of color options. Many homeowners simply go with white gutters because they don’t know what color they should pick – it’s considered the safe color! They believe that white goes with everything, but that is not necessarily true. If you ask designers, they will typically recommend that you select a gutter color that matches or complements your home’s roof or trim for optimal curb appeal. Matching the gutters to the siding is another option. Following this advice, white might not necessarily be the best choice. Ideally, you want the gutters to stay within your home’s existing color palette, i.e., the color families of either the roof, trim or siding – you don’t want to introduce another color to the mix.

Here Are Some Tips to Help You Pick the Right Color Gutters for Your Home

Matching Gutters to Trim Color

By selecting a gutter color that matches, or closely matches, your trim color, the gutters will blend in with the trim for a more cohesive look. This is a particularly good choice when you have a lot of trim or you have thick trim work.

Matching Gutters to the Roof

When you choose a gutter color similar to your roof color, the gutters seem to disappear. If your home has thin trim, matching the gutters to the roof may be the best option. The challenge with this option, however, is what color do you use for the downspouts? Maybe you select a downspout that matches your siding so that it fades into the background, or perhaps you go with a color that coordinates with your trim.

Matching Gutters to Siding/Exterior

Going with a gutter color that matches your siding or other exterior is always a safe choice. Doing so stops the eye from being drawn to the gutters at all.

A Recent Gutter Installation Project Where the Gutters Matched the Trim Color

We just finished up a gutter installation project on a newly constructed guest house in Ho-Ho-Kus, New Jersey. We used gutters that matched the home’s trim paint color. As a result of doing so, the gutters blend in with the overall design. This home is the perfect example of where white gutters just wouldn’t work!

gutter installation on a guest house in ho-ho-kus bergen county nj by superior seamless gutters

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