Be Aware of Gutter Storm Damage

Storms can cause substantial damage to gutter systems. Heavy winds can loosen improperly installed or older gutters and leaders. If the wind is severe enough, it can literally pull the gutters away from the building. In addition, heavy branches and trees can topple onto the gutters crushing, denting or completely destroying them.

The intense wind brought on by storms can also blow leaves, twigs, seeds, pods and debris into the gutters, clogging them. When heavy rain follows, the gutters can fill, pool and overflow with water. This puts a severe stress on the entire gutter system. The rain heavy gutters can sag, bend and disconnect.

Sometimes, the storm damage is not immediately noticeable. Perhaps the wind merely loosened joints or weakened the installation. This is still something to be concerned about as the next storm could severely affect the compromised gutter system.

Do a Gutter Check After the Storm

Once the storm has blown over, we recommend carefully surveying your gutter system. You should look for:

• Drips and leaks
• Water in basement
• Water marks and/or erosion of dirt by foundation, which can signify an overflow problem
• Loose or disconnected joints
• Dents, cracks or holes in gutters
• Sagging gutters

If you notice any of these issues, you should contact a gutter professional for a more thorough examination.

Example of Gutter Storm Damage in Nyack, New York

Recently a strong storm ripped through the Rockland County, New York area. An apartment complex in Nyack experienced significant gutter damage as a result. The gutters were dented, preventing proper water flow. They retained Superior Seamless Gutters to assess the damage and make the necessary repairs. The storm caused enough damage that it was necessary to replace the entire gutter system on the building to make sure that it was protected against water damage from future storms. Our team quickly and efficiently measured the runs of the building and custom cut seamless gutters in long lengths to minimize the need for joints.

BEFORE: Damaged Gutters

gutter damage on apartment building in rockland county ny

AFTER: New Gutters

gutter replacement on an apartment building in rockland county ny

If you live in the Rockland County NY and/or Bergen County NJ area and are in need of gutter repair or replacement, give us a call for a free consultation.