When Was the Last Time Your Roof Had a Good Cleaning?

Our Roof Shampooers Will Transform Your Roof’s Appearance Right Before Your Eyes

 Over time, a roof can start to look a bit dirty. Black stains, moss and algae begin to creep across its surface. If left to fester on their own, these unsightly spots will keep growing. The problem is, this “dirt” is not just something that looks bad, it can actually be bad for your shingles. The lichens, moss and algae survive and thrive by eating the organic material in your shingles. As they make their way feeding on your roof, they can work their way down into your roof deck. Once there, these organisms can cause wood rot, which in turn allows moisture to get in and inhibit mold growth. The longer you wait to clean your roof, the more damage they can cause.

Luckily, we can help break the cycle.

Our eco-friendly roof cleaning process is safe, effective – and works instantly!

It is strong enough to remove that unsightly build-up, but safe enough so that it does not harm landscaping. Unlike other roof cleaning products, ours does not contain dangerous chemicals.

  • No phosphates
  • No chlorine
  • Ultra-light, low pressure rinse system is safe for all roof surfaces
  • Works on residential and commercial roofing
  • You will see results right away

Watch How We Cleaned a Roof on a Home in Suffern, NY

The mild weather is allowing us to start spring cleaning a little early this year. And because we fall under the maintenance category, we are still working during this trying time. So when you focus on your spring cleaning inside, we can focus on your exterior spring cleaning with a Roof Shampoo. And that is just what we did for this homeowner in Suffern, New York. Watch the video to see the roof instantly cleaned with our process.

If you live in the Rockland County area and are looking to clean your roof, give us a call at (845) 634-1927.

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Learn more about a roof cleaning by reading these Frequently Asked Questions.

Superior Seamless did a fantastic job shampooing the roof.  I was concerned because it is an old roof and the moss and mildew was built up.  The crew was very professional and I would definitely recommend them to anyone wanting to install gutters or have their roof cleaned. Donna C.