Although it’s only November, the forecast has already called for snow. Don’t let Old Man Winter wreak havoc on your home. When was the last time you cleaned your gutters? Functioning gutters are never more important than during the winter months. Make sure you clear out those leaves and debris from your gutters before the snow and ice starts to fall. If you don’t, you risk the potential for damage to your home from ice and snow damming.

Clogged gutters slow drainage from the roof causing water to back up and slowly seep under your shingles and freeze there, which can cause a host of issues:

  • Damage to shingles and the underlying roofing and soffits
  • Seeping of water through the walls of your home
  • Deterioration and rotting of facia and siding
  • Erosion of foundation
  • Destruction of the gutter system as heavy clogs cause gutters to separate from the building

Cleaning your gutters will allow the water to move freely and help avoid any of these problems.

Gutter Cleaning and Inspection Services

We clean gutters for homeowners and businesses throughout Bergen County and Rockland County. Our experienced team of professionals carefully clears the debris from gutters and removes it from your property. With a host of equipment, we can tackle gutter jobs on buildings of all sizes.

A Superior Gutter System Checkup can help prevent expensive repairs the harsh winter weather may cause. When we clean your gutters, we will also:

  • Inspect Gutter Seams and Anchors. We will look for leaks and to see if all gutters are firmly attached.
  • Look for Existing Damage. Any issues with facia, siding and the foundation may indicate that repairs are necessary.
  • Check Downspouts. Confirming water is properly being diverted away from the foundation.

A smaller repair now can prevent larger repairs a harsh storm may necessitate!

Here’s What Clients Have to Say About Our Gutter Cleaning Services

Superior did an excellent job cleaning my gutters. Not only did they fully wash out gutters but also unscrewed gutters at the joints to make sure all was cleaned thoroughly. I would highly recommend Superior. James Z.

Very professional, quick/efficient and competitively priced.  The crew went over and above with little related fixes on/around the gutters as well. Brian K.

Don’t let the winter weather catch you off guard. Give us a call today to schedule a gutter cleaning and inspection.