Spruce Up Your Exterior with a Superior Power Wash

Your home’s exterior can take a beating over time. Dirt, grime and mold can build up on siding, decking, patios, walkways, fencing and more. A Superior Seamless Gutters power washing can whisk away what has accumulated on these surfaces leaving a fresh, clean appearance.

Power Washing of Walkways, Patio and Pool Decking in Paramus, New Jersey

With summer in full swing, homeowners in Paramus wanted to freshen up their outdoor living space. As shown in the photo above, using our safe and powerful cleaning products and machines we brightened up the walkways around the home, along with their expansive patio and pool decking. The Superior power wash kicked up their curb appeal and created a more inviting entertaining area.

A Safe Clean

Cleaning the exterior of a home is a tough and dirty task. It requires the use of products that are strong enough to do the job, but safe for you, your family, pets and landscaping. The products we use are environmentally-safe, yet powerful enough to tackle built-on dirt, mold, mildew, moss and algae.

The Right PSI

Effective power washing requires not only the right products, but the right equipment. We have machines that offer a variety of pressure options – low pressure machines for siding and decking and higher PSI machines for harder to clean surfaces like patios, driveways and walkways.

If you live in the Bergen County area and are looking to freshen up your outdoor living space or home’s exterior, give us a call to learn more about our power washing and roof cleaning services.