Making Dirty Roofs Look Like New Again

Over time your roof can start looking streaky and dirty. Those unsightly markings are the result of algae, mildew and lichen which feed on organic matter that are frequently found on the surfaces of roofs. Typically, the areas of the roof that receive the most shade end up with the worst stains. Left untreated, these organisms can end up covering your roof’s entire surface, raising heating and cooling costs, as well as damaging your shingles. If you are noticing this happening to your roof, we can help!

Enviro-Friendly Roof Cleaning

Using state-of-the-art equipment and the safest, most-effective roof cleaning techniques and agents, we can make your roof look like new. Our cleaning products are proprietary and only available to authorized Roof Shampoo dealers. They are biodegradable, enviro-friendly, and safe for vegetation and your home’s surfaces. They are also powerful! It is amazing how they can transform the look of your home. And with annual preventative treatments, you can keep those stains away for years!

Dramatic Before and After Photos

We were recently retained to clean the roof of a home in West Nyack, New York. Surrounded by trees, this roof was ripe for mold growth. But that mold was no match for our roof cleaning system. Just look at this image, which clearly shows the demarcation of the before and after cleaning of an area of the roof.

west nyack roof cleaning before and after


Here are some more before and after photos.

roof cleaning before and after photos

roof cleaning before and after photo

If you live in the Bergen and Rockland County area and are looking to transform your roof’s appearance, give us a call to learn more about our roof cleaning services.