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Roof Shampoo   Roof Shampoo

Does your roof have ugly stains? You don’t need to necessarily replace your shingles, your roof likely just needs a good cleaning! As an authorized Roof Shampooâ contractor, we can remove black stains, green moss and algae without harming the landscaping around your home. We use a safe, eco-friendly roof cleaning product for asphalt and fiberglass shingles that does NOT contain dangerous chlorine or phosphates. And our ultra-light, low-pressure rinse system delivers a gentle, soft-water rinse that is safe for all roof surfaces. The best part: when our cleaning technicians leave your home, your roof will be clean – you will see the results instantly!

Why You Should Clean Your Roof

  • Roof staining organisms damage shingles
  • Roof algae, lichens and/or moss can also eat through your roof deck, causing wood rot, which can allow moisture to squeeze through the cracks and create an environment perfect for mold growth
  • A roof covered with algae and moss inhibits your roof’s ability to effectively reflect sunlight, increasing your cooling costs
  • A Roof Shampoo restores the beauty of your home


A Roof Cleaning in Airmont, New York

We recently were contacted by a homeowner in Airmont, New York who was concerned about the stains on his roof. Our Roof Shampoo technicians took care of the black stains and algae, making the roof look like new!


Airmont Roof Cleaning Before     Airmont Roof Cleaning After

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